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Poetry conventionally seeks to re-create the human voice on the page. But when poems are set to music, vocal or instrumental, an entirely new creation spring forth. Such was my pleasure and honor of hearing three of my poems from Small Talk with a full orchestral accompaniment. This took place as a guest of the 2015 Britt Music Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon, for the August 7 All-American program, which included performances of music by Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, and George Antheil.

The creatitve process of collaboration began with conductor and composer Teddy Abrams selecting my poetry and passing it on to singer, composer, and guitarist Aoife O'Donovan, who, in turn, selected three of my poems -- "Night Fishing" The Darkness," and "Valentine" -- and provided a vocal track. This she sent on to her neighbor in Brooklyn, New York, Jeremy Kittel, composer, violinist, and fiddler. He laid track for eighteen strings to accompany the voice. This collaboration he returned to conductor and composer Teddy Abrams, who composed the music for a full 121-piece orchestral background. For only a few days were they able to rehearse together in Jacksonville with full orchestra and Voila! What an honor and thrill for me to be there for the premiere performance!

To learn more about these remarkable musicians, visit their websites:

  • Aoife O'Donovn singer, guitarist, composer
  • Jeremy Kittel, violinist, fiddler, composer
  • Teddy Abrams, composer and conductor, Britt Music Festival
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